Today we are proud to announce the release of Geocortex Essentials 3.3. The new features focus on our REST technology and fall into three broad categories:

Viewer Template Engine – VTE changes how administrators can deploy Essentials applications. Previously, there was a disconnect between viewer applications and Essentials sites. The site was configured in Manager and the viewer was configured… elsewhere. Now this is seamless; you can create and configure your viewers right in Manager. What does this offer you beyond convenience?

  • Distributed deployments – Each viewer configuration is automatically hosted in REST allowing for true distributed deployments.
  • Viewer Templates – Each viewer is based on a template that can be plugged into Essentials. This allows you to modify templates or add new ones as they become available. You can get started with our Silverlight Viewer template today.

REST Features – over a dozen new features have been added to our REST platform. There are lots of new and expanded REST endpoints and we’ve improved the management experience for creating them. Many of these new features correspond to features of the Geocortex Viewer for Silverlight that allow greater control over the presentation and formatting of your data.  We’ve added Feature Hyperlink, Field and Layer List configuration to name a few.

Quality – We tackled a huge number of defects in this release and added several usability and performance improvements.

This release is a big milestone for Geocortex Essentials, and we're busy building on our foundation to deliver more functionality in 3.4.