Over the holidays, it can get pretty quiet around the office. It's a good time to polish up some processes surrounding development.

I've been spending some time improving our Agile development practices and have once again been incredibly impressed by the extensibility of our defect and feature tracking system, OnTime by Axosoft.

When we decided to start using OnTime, I was initially compelled by how easy it was for the end-user. I've used or experimented with a few issue tracking systems in the past (e.g., Bugzilla, Scarab), all of which seem for too complex to install, use, or maintain when compared to OnTime. Lately, however, I've been more impressed with how flexible OnTime has been with regards to customizing it to match our feature development "workflow".

I can create custom workflow steps for features which "forcefully" guide them from conception to completion, while employing access restrictions. For example, we can allow any system user to request a feature; however, only a user in the Project Manager group can elevate the feature to "approved" and assign a target release version.