UG1Wow. At the outset, we weren't really sure what kind of response we'd see for our first Geocortex User Group. I was hopeful we could get 10 enthusiastic users to sit around a table and talk about web-GIS, share their experiences and learn what we're working on for the future. Nope. Instead, we had 47 join us in Los Angeles last week! Even my own optimistic estimates (30) meant we ran out of feedback forms and refreshments far too early.

UG2Bulging numbers aside, we had a productive meeting thanks to the generosity of Los Angeles County for hosting and managing the event. We spent some time having everyone introduce themselves, I spoke for close to an hour regarding company and technology direction, but most importantly, we had 3 user presentations, sharing diverse implementations of Geocortex IMF and Essentials.

Based on the feedback we received, the event was a success, and the user group is looking at scheduling the next meeting for spring of next year. User groups in Toronto, Seattle, Texas and Wisconsin are getting off the ground soon, so look for one in your area!