City of Troy: Using GIS and asset management technologies to manage legislative requirements

Located in the heart of Detroit’s northern suburbs, the city of Troy, Michigan is the largest city in Oakland County. Known for its upscale shopping and business facilities, this lively city with a population of 83,000 (and growing) adopted GIS to allow both its citizens and public workers to make quicker, accurate, and more sophisticated spatial decisions when it comes to modifying city services and infrastructure.

In order to not only comply with Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permitting requirements, but get ahead of them, the City needed to come up with an innovative GIS solution that focused specifically on tracking time and equipment, and provided the ability to connect this data with their assets.


By utilizing both Geocortex Essentials’ workflow capability and the Cityworks® Extension for Geocortex Essentials, the City of Troy built an intuitive application that guides City staff through collecting all the essential elements needed during an inspection. Elements like equipment, staff, and all relevant options that could be pursued in regards to preventative maintenance of storm inlets.

Additionally, the City’s GIS team also leveraged database views to mark recently cleaned drains, enabling them to identify structures that had recently received preventative maintenance and avoid accidentally overlooking (or duplicating) any buildings that required their immediate attention.

Since launching this application, it has been adopted by the City’s Drains Division and Sewer Division for field maintenance tracking. They are also now able to monitor individual repairs and costs, allowing them to better manage the use of their resources and focus their efforts more intelligently.

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