One of the well hidden yet most useful features of Geocortex Optimizer is its ability to be installed in a distributed environment. Geocortex Optimizer's data collectors can be distributed throughout your network, logging performance data from multiple servers into a central repository. Optimizer's "typical" installation path installs a predefined selection of collectors, a database module, and reporting application all on the same server. For most users, this will suffice, but this strategy breaks down when you wish to add more Optimizer-monitored servers. The good news is that installing another instance of Geocortex Optimizer is really easy to do, notwithstanding that it is not very well documented. To accomplish this, do the following:

  • Run the Geocortex Optimizer installation
  • Selected "Advanced Install"
  • Specify that you want to use a database module located elsewhere
  • Provide the name of that computer hosting the database module

That's it. Our 1.3 admin guide will contain a lot more information regarding different installation scenarios as well as interpreting data collected by Geocortex Optimizer. Stay tuned.