We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Geocortex Code Gallery. The Geocortex Code Gallery is an area of the Geocortex Support Center where the community can share code snippets, sample applications, workflows and other user-generated content.

The Geocortex support team has included a small nucleus of content to kick-start the gallery, but the expectation is that most content will come from Geocortex customers, implementers, and business partners.

The Geocortex Code Gallery is as a place where you can show off your work and view real-world solutions developed by other community members. We encourage everyone to submit reusable code, discuss the existing samples, and work together to improve the quality of this resource. If you find something in the code gallery that you can improve upon, or add functionality to, please submit your contribution while acknowledging the original author.

Last week we silently enabled the code gallery with a “beta” tag. We will consider it to be in “beta” for the time being as we may make changes or adjustments as we monitor its adoption by the community. Our hope is that it will quickly become an integral part of our Support Center and a valuable resource.

Please think about what you may want to contribute, and give us any feedback that you have!

-Alex McKeachie
Geocortex Support Manager