A few weeks ago I mentioned that our products team was working away on a couple of projects including Geocortex Editing Suite. Yesterday we cut and released Editing Suite 5.3. This release represents a significant development effort and introduces a few cool new features including:

  • Base-data editing allows editors to commit changes against the base data layer (of course, version-based editing is still supported in Editing Suite)
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) workflows allow editors to create editing “projects” which persist across sessions and remain locked (restricted from other editors) until they are approved or rejected by a system or data administrator
  • Feature-based locking restricts more than one user from selecting a single feature for editing at any given time

A public link to the Geocortex Editing Suite 5.3 demonstration site is available from our Map Gallery. When logging in to Editing Suite, use the username/password: edit1/edit1.