About 3.5 months have passed since our 2.0 release of Geocortex Essentials. Since then, we've been busy. We released a "dot" release (2.0.1) in late July but I have to admit that it's more exciting to announce a major or minor release containing new functionality.

For Geocortex Essentials Web ADF Elements we've put a lot of work into features that our customers have been asking for like support for coded domains and subtypes, and identify on WMS and raster layers. There are a number of other features and quite a few bug fixes as well!

For Geocortex Essentials REST Elements we've focused our attention on extensibility and developer support. Specifically, we've added the ability for a developer to easily augment our REST API by standing up their own custom REST endpoint. Developers can also create custom Site.xml extensions to add functionality to sites.

We've included a lot more into this release than what I've mentioned here - for those interested I encourage you to review the 2.1 release notes on our support center download page.