Geocortex Essentials 2.3 continues to generate a lot of interest with users and the uptake has been strong. As with any major release, we weren’t surprised to learn that there were a couple of issues which have come to our attention.  At 2.3 we shipped a totally redesigned installer, which provides some huge improvements at upgrade time.  Of course, we thoroughly tested the new installer (for over four weeks actually).  Despite this, a few real world customers inevitably turned up a few bugs and oddities that required love. Sigh. I suppose with installation there’s always going to be some environments and unique scenarios that can’t be predicted… or perhaps we just missed a couple.  

Whatever the case, we packaged up these resolutions (and a couple other bug fixes) into a 2.3.1 maintenance release.  It’s available now, and as always the release notes are available on the Support Center.  Consult the release notes to determine if it makes sense for you to upgrade.

I’m pretty excited about this maintenance release since it’s our first release which will leverage the simplified upgrade capabilities of the previously mentioned installer.  Provided Geocortex Essentials 2.3 is installed, you can seamlessly upgrade (in-place) to 2.3.1.