We’re pleased to announce that Geocortex Essentials 2.4 has been released!  This release includes several highly anticipated and powerful new features for Geocortex Essentials Web ADF Elements.

Here is a brief summary of what’s new:

  • Enhanced map tips support multiple overlapping features from one or more layers.  This allows the user to quickly cycle through the details of all features that were found under the mouse cursor when more than one is found.
  • Layer explorer is a highly anticipated addition that allows the user to choose which layers are included in the map and layer list on the fly.  An administrator can add all layers to a site with only a subset shown in the map and layer list when the site is launched, thus allowing the user to pick and choose the layers that interest them.
  • Raster catalog filter provides the user a variety of options to filter images from a raster catalog layer: turn individual images on and off from a dialog, draw a shape on the map to show only intersecting images, and perform an attribute query to show images that match.
  • Combined coordinate and measure tool combines the point measure tool with the zoom to coordinate tool to create a single tool that is both more powerful and easier to use.
  • Layer links allow an administrator to define an attribute relationship between features from separate layers.  An end user can then query related records from a linked layer when viewing a report or selection set.

Note that Geocortex Essentials Web ADF Elements 2.4 is NOT compatible with ArcGIS Server 10.  To use Geocortex Essentials Web ADF Elements with ArcGIS Server 10, you must upgrade to Geocortex Essentials 3.0 or higher.  The upcoming release of Geocortex Essentials 3.1 (currently in beta) will include all the new features and bug fixes from 2.4 and is compatible with ArcGIS Server 10.

Visit the Geocortex Support Center’s downloads section to grab the installer and read the documentation related to this release.  Be sure to consult the release notes for full details of everything that has changed.