Our latest Geocortex release includes a major upgrade to our mobile/offline offering and brings our HTML5 viewer to almost complete parity (and beyond!) with Silverlight.

Geocortex release_March 2016

Latitude Geographics has released Geocortex Essentials 4.5, alongside Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 2.6 and Geocortex Mobile App Framework 2.0.

Packed with dozens of new features, Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 2.6 can now directly replace almost all remaining Silverlight viewers in the world. With only a small handful of niche features remaining to achieve complete parity with Geocortex Viewer for Silverlight (plus all new HTML5 capabilities that go far beyond), our next release will officially make Silverlight a relic of the past. You can save and share projects, upload data files to maps, and take advantage of comprehensive coordinate tools. We’ve also added print previews, the ability to configure the splash screen logo, and a right-click context menu that includes important information alongside a configurable list of menu options.

We also have big news regarding our iOS, Windows, and Android versions of Geocortex Mobile App Framework 2.0, which offers an improved, synchronized offline experience. It leverages Esri’s geodatabase replica format to enable full-text searching and spatial intersection of offline features stored on a device. We’ve introduced offline maps for defining, downloading and syncing offline maps, and streamlined basemap management lets you dynamically generate basemaps within an area of interest. These are big additions to our steadily evolving framework, and are the direct result of requests from our customers who find themselves increasingly needing to do their work offline.

Geocortex Mobile App Framework uses Esri’s Runtime SDK Standard Edition licensing, which is available via a standard ArcGIS identity. The ArcGIS Runtime SDK standard license can be acquired by purchasing license packs from Esri, or by ensuring that users sign-in to Geocortex Mobile App Framework-based apps using an ArcGIS identity belonging to ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.

Customers using an existing version of Geocortex Mobile App Framework (1.x) will need to ensure that their users sync their data with the geodatabase before they upgrade to 2.0 – upgrading will not preserve the data stored on the device. Also, if you are deploying GMAF for iOS within your organization, please remember that you need to acquire an Apple Enterprise Developer License. The license provides a safe and secure channel for distributing the application to your users. You will also need to work with Latitude Geographics to sign the application.

As always, there are also numerous minor features, various bug fixes and user experience enhancements included as part of this release. We recommend you consult the release notes for more detailed information.

Note: There is interdependence between Geocortex Essentials, Geocortex Mobile App Framework, and our HTML5 viewer; implementing some newly-introduced features will require the latest versions.

Current Geocortex customers: Installers, release notes and supporting documentation can be downloaded by licensees with an active maintenance agreement from the Geocortex Support Center. If your account is handled by an authorized Geocortex Reseller, please contact your local representative for access to installers and documentation.

Customers interested in learning more about some of the new features being introduced can watch a set of new feature videos that will be available for viewing in the coming weeks in the Geocortex Support Center.

Not a Geocortex customer yet? Check out our Product Release page to learn more about our current release — including a detailed features list — or visit our Discovery Center and get in touch with us.