optimizerThough we announced it last month at our user conference, I want to post briefly about Geocortex Optimizer, our new product for ArcGIS Server we're timing for release around the ESRI International User Conference in San Diego this year.

Geocortex Optimizer is comprised of four distinct modules (think our ArcIMS-generation Geocortex Statistics and Geocortex Uptime products rolled into one, plus more) that will maximize the value and effectiveness of an investment in ESRI’s next-generation web-based GIS foundation. Initial versions will focus on maximizing ArcGIS Server performance and distributed system performance monitoring, with emphasis shifting to ease-of-management and the ROI calculation side of things.

This has been a challenging and exciting project that is really taking shape and that I think is going to appeal to single server organizations, large enterprises, and everyone in between. Now that the original design is coming to life and the team has some great momentum, we're getting really excited about this product.

Notwithstanding any unforeseen technical hurdles in the next couple iterations, we should be announcing a Beta program fairly soon. Let us know if you're interested in participating.