That’s right, you heard it here first. HTML5 is dead. Here’s why: HTML6 is going to be way better. It’ll overcome the things that the HTML5 standard is missing and better integrate with the technology of tomorrow. It’ll provide the kind of development tools and rich user experience that we all wish HTML5 included.

Sound ridiculous?  It is, except that it’s ridiculous because we’ve simply added an extra 5-10 years or so onto the correct but unhelpful declarations opinionati make all the time in the tech sector. If we all listened to these folks, nothing would get done. By the time a technology reaches the plateau of productivity, they consider it irrelevant.

What’s my point? Build for the era you’re in. Choose the development technology of today that you envision best fitting your needs now and for the next while (whether that be Silverlight, Flex, or JavaScript). The evolution of technology is inexorable, so make your plans assuming and embracing change over time. Educate yourself about what’s coming, and then make decisions that keep you as aligned with the future as possible. Fight against the paralysis of inaction caused by future technologies that are still too far off to wait for.

Picking a technology that’s out of favor in five years isn’t a screw-up if you made the best decision from among available alternatives to actually get stuff done. That such a choice will eventually be obsolete (and sometimes sooner than you really have the stomach for) doesn’t represent failure on your part. On the contrary, it shows that you understand the importance of delivering value to end users in the present.