On Tuesday, we rang in the new year with a soft launch of our new Geocortex logo on the websites.

old_geocortexBecause of the hassle and expense associated with the switch, we've put it off for a long time despite the fact the old logo (at right) looks like something a graphic design-challenged entrepreneur might have hacked together in his old Fort Street apartment circa October 1999 using a student license of CorelDraw 8 (and that observation would be as correct as it is specific).

I suspect that nobody really notices a decent logo, but they do notice an amateurish logo. With the help of our qualified graphic design staff, I think the new version better fits the Latitude Geographics of 2008. I'm still wondering if we should've dropped the Internet Mapping part, given that the term doesn't adequately capture what we do (web-based Geographic Information Systems for non-specialist users is on the long/inaccessible side). Oh well.