Well, after a decade in historic Market Square and months of renovations to our new space, Latitude Geographics is in the process of being dismantled and moved from our motley assortment of current offices (seven in total over two floors!) to a much larger, unified space (all in one office) a few blocks away. For us, it’s a functional upgrade… not a vanity upgrade. It also happens to be a lovely space that I anticipate will accommodate future growth nicely. And like Market Square, it’s historic; it’s built around the original Fort Victoria well from which everyone drew their water long ago.

The last time I moved Latitude it was into Market Square from the small apartment I was living in during university. In other words, last time I had to move a workstation and desk. This, time it's a different sort of endeavor--thankfully I have a team of folks who've led the charge coordinating moving the 55 of us.

As I write this, there is a hurricane of activity around me as furniture is being dismantled and carted away by movers. I have the use of my office a little longer because my trusty (others have less fawning words for it) $35 government surplus desk isn’t making the move with me.

Anyway, before I get all nostalgic on you, we’ve got a new address. Here it is:

200–1117 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC Canada V8W 1T7

We’ll post some photos of the new space once we’re moved in!