We’re releasing a GUI-based application construction/management app as part of Geocortex Essentials 1.2. Analogous in many respects to SiteManager for Geocortex IMF, we’d been planning to call it SiteManager for Geocortex Essentials. We recently decided the name wasn’t suitable because it goes way beyond managing just "sites". We renamed it Geocortex Essentials Manager.

Everyone at Latitude is having a tough time getting used to calling Geocortex Essentials Manager by its new name (some more than others). To help reeducate people, the development team has instituted a policy whereby anyone who accidentally calls it SiteManager now has to drop to the ground and do five push-ups (which, for computer geeks, is like ten push-ups to an average adult). Yongzhi is doing more push-ups than everyone else at Latitude combined.