I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve our Sharepoint sites, especially for ideas on better organizing content on the page. I recently found this page template for a tabbed Sharepoint web page. I immediately uploaded the template and put it to work on several internal projects. Suddenly gigantic pages of confusing information were all tidy and well organized!

Implementing the page is really simple. You just upload the file and get to work, adding web parts like you would any other page in Sharepoint. You change the names of the tabs by modifying the web part and choosing to edit the source instead of using the rich text editor. It also works well in Sharepoint Designer, if you’re doing more complicated pages.

Shortly after testing it out on our intranet, I was tasked with updating our forums on the Geocortex Support Center. With the release of Geocortex 2.0, we decided to add forums specific to API development for our new REST, Flex, JavaScript, and Silverlight APIs, which was a perfect time to update the Discussion Forum page. The tabbed interface gave me a way to present all of our forums without making our visitors scroll down the page to see them, giving the page a nice, crisp new look.