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Geocortex at the 2017 Esri Partner Conference & DevSummit

We are less than a week away from Esri’s annual Partner Conference and DevSummit, taking place March 6-10 in beautiful Palm Springs, California. It’s always a great opportunity to connect with the Esri (and Geocortex!) community.

This year, we are coming to the event with lots of exciting things to share and discuss.

Next-generation Geocortex Workflow

For the last 5+ years, Geocortex Workflow has been one of the most popular capabilities offered with Geocortex Essentials, and we’re pleased to share that later in 2017, you will be able to purchase the next-generation Geocortex Workflow as a standalone product!

For those who aren’t familiar with Geocortex Workflow, it allows you to create simplified, guided interactions for end-users, without programming. Organizations around the world have leveraged Geocortex Workflow to streamline and automate complex business processes… in many cases, this has resulted in significant annual savings.

Geocortex Workflow will also ship with some significant improvements:

  • Take your workflows offline: You will be able to run Geocortex Workflow offline in environments with limited or no Internet connectivity – one of the most sought after features in recent years.
  • Geocortex inside Esri apps: Esri customers will now be able to harness the power of Geocortex Workflow technology inside Esri’s Web AppBuilder Developer Edition (with more to come soon).
  • Efficient, intuitive web-based designer: Geocortex Workflow Designer is undergoing improvements, and will now be web-based to offer a much more intuitive and simplified experience for builders of workflows. 

Additional product enhancements:

We also encourage you to come chat with us about the other product enhancements we’ve made over the past few months. It’s been a busy start to 2017 for the Geocortex Product Development team, with no signs of slowing down!

  • Accessibility: Are you having trouble meeting Section 508 Standards and Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) compliance? Check out our blog post on the topic and let us help clear up any confusion.
  • Integrations: Do you need to integrate 3rd party business systems and data sources? Come see how Geocortex customers are integrating with 3rd party land management, asset management, document management and business intelligence systems!
  • Security: Want to apply fine-grained permissions to control access to layers and capabilities within apps? Let us show you how Geocortex simplifies the process, and learn how our technology works with ArcGIS identities.
  • Web Reporting and Printing: Do you need a simple way to generate printable reports? Need to print high quality maps in large or unique formats? Swing by and see Geocortex Web Reporting and Printing in action.

Where to find us:

  • The Geocortex Technology Update (for Geocortex Business Partners): Paul Salah (Director, Business Development), and Drew Millen (Director, Products) will demonstrate recent product advancements and share a roadmap of the most exciting projects we’re working on. If you’re interested in attending, please contact us at:
  • The GIS Solutions Expo: We’ll be exhibiting in booth #122 on March 6 from 2:00 – 7:00 PM. Drop by and have a member of the team walk you through Geocortex Essentials and Geocortex Analytics, and explore how we can help you accomplish even more with Esri’s modern ArcGIS technology.

We also have time available for 1-to-1 meetings. If you’d like to schedule some time to connect in Palm Springs, contact us today (

See you soon!

Esri 2016 User Conference: Q&A Highlights

At Latitude Geographics, we enjoy the rituals of preparing for the biggest annual event we attend: The Esri User Conference. One of these rituals I particularly enjoy is poring over Esri's meticulously prepared, pre-conference publication, called the Esri UC Q&A.

Each year it provides meaningful insights into Esri’s themes, message, strategy, and concrete development plans, and its coverage is extremely broad.

The 2016 edition emphasizes a key theme that is increasingly relevant to partners like us, and all organizations that use ArcGIS: the Web GIS pattern.

Rather than paraphrasing, I’ve captured some of the key questions that thoroughly describe Web GIS:

  • Can you explain what a Web GIS is?
    This is a great starting point for learning about Web GIS: Esri’s definitive explanation of the term.
  • What is the big idea with Web GIS?
    Esri’s response to this question describes an ambitious, global vision with comparisons to the Internet itself. This certainly is a ‘big idea’!
  • What is the Geoinformation Model, and why is it important?
    Most of the information in this answer is provided via the ArcGIS Online Help link provided. All software systems start with some sort of ‘model’. It’s great to see the formalization of the term Geoinformation Model to describe the building blocks of portals and Web GIS.
  • What is a web map and why is that important?
    I think that web maps form the central currency of ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS... and therefore a Web GIS. While Geocortex currently consumes web maps, we’re also doing a lot of engineering work right now to make web maps even more integral to our software.

At Latitude, we’re laser focused on building software that complements Web GIS implementation approaches. Geocortex integrates with ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS, it consumes web maps and other aspects of the Geoinformation Model, and leverages ArcGIS identities to personalize app experiences and provide the right content to the right users. We spent a considerable amount of time discussing Web GIS at our own user conference in May, and are committed to helping our customers understand it as it continues to influence technology changes.

Another interesting takeaway from the Q&A is how Esri’s position of ArcGIS Server is evolving. No, I’m not referring to this (I have no comment on that), there’s a far more interesting question worth a read, and a re-read: How would you describe ArcGIS for Server today? Succinctly, we’re seeing ArcGIS for Server positioned as all aspects of the Web GIS that might run on premise, including the traditionally independently positioned Portal for ArcGIS, and server extension products. ArcGIS Server is far more than just the GIS server in its classic form, and it's empowering to think of it as a the on-premises component of a broad-reaching Web GIS.

We’re excited about heading down to San Diego next week to and talk about all things Web GIS with Esri and our customers! Come visit us in Booth 311, and visit our event page to sign up for some of the presentations, demonstrations, and get togethers we have planned.

Geocortex at the 2013 Esri International User Conference

Now that our own user conference has wrapped up, we are looking forward to the next big event on our calendar: the 2013 Esri International User Conference. If you are attending the conference, you will be able to find us throughout the week in a number of ways.

Scheduled demo at the 2012 Esri User Conference

1) Exhibit Hall, with Scheduled Demos 

  • Tuesday, July 9 @ 5pm
  • Wednesday, July 10 @ 5pm

Please visit us Tuesday through Thursday in the exhibit hall at the Geocortex Exhibit (#2301). Latitude staff will be on hand to answer questions, provide demos, and listen to feedback and ideas. We will be delivering scheduled demos at 5pm on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, during which you can get a first look at our very latest technology. We value the time that we get with our customers and partners in person, so we hope that you will come by and say hello.

2) Annual Geocortex Picnic

  • Wednesday, July 10 @ 12pm-2pm
Our annual picnic is on again this year, located in Embarcadero Marina Park South. Take a walk outside and enjoy a fully catered lunch on the green. This is an event that we really look forward to each year, with great food and great people. Enjoy a break outside and an opportunity to rub elbows with Geocortex staff, fellow customers and partners. This is a very popular event with our community, so please RSVP as soon as possible to ensure you can get a seat at the table*.

* table not included

3) Geocortex Technology Update
  • Tuesday, July 9 @ 11am-12pm in SDCC Room 31C
Steven Myhill-Jones (President and CEO) and Drew Millen (Geocortex Product Manager) will be presenting the Geocortex Technology Update to clients and partners. The session will include a tour of key developments, our product roadmap, and a Q&A period.
For more details, and to confirm your place at the picnic, please visit our Esri User Conference event page.

Introducing the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5

Since mid-2011, we’ve been working away, developing our new Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 to serve organizations deploying Esri’s ArcGIS Server technology. I’m happy to announce that version 1.0 is now available.

It’s clear Esri users are excited about exploring how to leverage HTML5 and ArcGIS Server.  Because it’s still relatively early in the evolution of the HTML5 standard, we’ve been careful to take an approach that strikes the right balance between delivering powerful functionality today and not overextending what browsers can currently support.

The Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 serves different use cases than our feature-rich web mapping/GIS viewers based on Silverlight and Flex. While its capabilities will grow over time, for the foreseeable future the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 will serve as a complementary viewer geared towards providing simple, targeted web-mapping applications serving desktop browsers, tablets, and a broad array of mobile devices. It allows you to deliver applications across platforms and devices without having to worry about plugins or building native applications, which is especially applicable to mobile scenarios.

The core framework of the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 is architected after the Geocortex Viewer for Silverlight (named commands and events, shells, regions, and views, and configuration), and prior Workflows you’ve created should just work.

The Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 has already undergone a number of iterations as part of professional services implementations that started back in October, but version 1.0 is still largely an infrastructure release geared towards workflow-driven mobile apps. Nevertheless, the foundation is all there and we have an aggressive R&D scheduled for the remainder of 2012.

To get started now, Geocortex Essentials customers can download the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 from the Geocortex Support Center. In addition to documentation and sample code, we’ve also developed a half-day training course; the first is scheduled for May 2nd.

The online Geocortex User Conference (June 6-7) will also offer sessions on HTML5 strategy and development.

Remember, though HTML5 today delivers when applied in the right ways, it remains an emerging standard. If you want to learn more about HTML5 and Esri technology, including when it might make sense for your organization to get started, be sure to visit

Getting Ready for Palm Springs

Flex Sample ViewerI think this has got to be one of the most exciting months I can recall at Latitude Geographics in all the years I’ve been doing this!

Alongside some interesting developments on the business side, we’ve got several new REST Elements components coming together all at once in time for the ESRI Business Partner Conference (followed by the Developer Summit) kicking off this weekend in Palm Springs.

We’re an exhibitor on Monday, so if you’re attending the BPC or Dev Summit, be sure to stop by and say hello.

2010 Geocortex User Conference goes virtual

You'll read it here first:  registration is now open for the 5th Annual Geocortex User Conference, scheduled to take place June 8-9th, 2010.

Due in large part to feedback we've received from clients, we've moved your event online.  With so many organizations straining to justify travel costs for conferences and training, we felt it was appropriate to alter our 2010 conference to cater to these very needs.

As in years past, we'll open the conference with a plenary session Tuesday morning (PST).  From there, the conference splits into technical and business tracks, combining live and pre-recorded content, with live Q&A throughout.  The conference concludes Wednesday afternoon with a wrap-up session and panel Q&A.  Feedback from previous years tells us you derive significant value from user presentations, and these are certainly included.

If you're thinking about a tranistion from ArcIMS to ArcGIS Server or considering the implications of ArcGIS Server version 10, join us for a pragmatic look at the present and future of Geocortex technology, as it relates to your own organization's needs.

Hope you can make it!

2009 ESRI International User Conference Recap

Our team just got back from the 2009 ESRI International User Conference in San Diego - what a week! The sheer size of the conference (rivalling that of any major software vendor) always surprises me, but, given the crowds, its never been hard to find a friendly client, partner or conference goer eager to talk about mapping.

Our booth was well positioned this year, and we had some steady traffic. Its interesting to note that fewer people each year seem to wonder what Geocortex is - our multi-million dollar marketing campaign must be working. :) All kidding aside, I think the steady delivery of compelling software and services to organizations worldwide continues to propel our brand.

picnic2009The Geocortex Picnic set a high water mark of around 300 people - between the shaded location bayside and the ongoing struggle to find lunch in the Gaslamp district, many clients chose to join us for our annual hosted BBQ lunch. And our caterer, with mobile smokehouse and slow cooked BBQ in tow, makes for a good draw too.

Our latest work with the ArcGIS Server REST, Javascript, Flex and Silverlight APIs, showcased in the Geocortex Resource Center, seemed well received. The buzz on the exhibit hall floor seemed to suggest many organizations see significant value leveraging REST based development paradigms. I also noticed a number of demonstrations of Geocortex Optimizer happening, and early peeks at our mobile asset tracking solution for ArcGIS Server, Geocortex Fleet Tracker.

2009 Geocortex Picnic at the ESRI International User Conference

We're coming up on another ESRI International User Conference in San Diego (but a week away!), which means its time to talk about our BBQ Picnic again...

picnic07Join us for sun, games and southwest BBQ at the 4th Annual Geocortex Picnic, Wedenesday July 15 from 12 - 2PM. Prior years have brought us a great seaside gastro-experience with Latitude staff, clients, partners and select prospective clients. Throw in some lunchtime relaxation and games (a welcome respite after two busy days of sessions) amongst the tree dotted enclave that is Embarcadero Marina Park South, and you've got the makings for a great lunch!

Registration is open and we're looking forward to seeing you there.

Ursus americansus as Elephant in the Room

More on the 2009 Geocortex User Conference... we had a planning meeting back in December, and the topic of mascots/motif came up (2006 was the Blue Heron, 2007 was the Orca, 2008 was the Glaucous Winged Gull ).

Someone joked about selecting Vancouver Island’s iconic Black Bear, and everyone quickly agreed that given the current state of the economy, it was probably about the worst motif for a conference happening in 2009. But then we all decided that to address the ‘elephant in the room’ head-on and in a humorous way would be very Geocortex.

So we picked it. Because no matter what happens in life, we don’t want to lose our sense of humor. Besides, we’re designing a 2009 Geocortex User Conference that’ll represent an even smarter investment given the prevailing economic winds.

ESRI EMEA Conference

London_EMEALast week we attended and exhibited at the ESRI EMEA Conference in London (organized by ESRI UK). The weather was great, everything went smoothly, and I even found some time to catch a few presentations. For the Wednesday night party attendees had the run of the impressive Science Museum, which proved to be a memorable event. I found that the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre had an unexpectedly fragmented feel (everything was spread over several floors), though I think ESRI UK did the best they could with the venue. The location made up for this; right by the Houses of Parliament and across the street from Westminster Abbey.

The teams had both the Geocortex Optimizer 1.0 Beta and the Geocortex Essentials 1.5 Beta 1 (Beta 2 is out today) ready for the conference, and Steve Maddison and I got to be the first to kick the tires while previewing these new versions for business partners and attendees.