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Migrating from Esri ArcIMS to ArcGIS for Server

A frequent discussion topic between Latitude Geographics team members and our customers is the Esri release plans for ArcGIS for Server 10.1, and Esri’s plans to deprecate ArcIMS (details at the Esri blog).

On October 12, we will be providing a free webinar to provide guidance on migrating from ArcIMS to ArcGIS for Server. We will also demonstrate an approach that can help accelerate this migration by gaining efficiencies in the design, development and maintenance of web-based mapping applications.

Interested? The event is filling rapidly. More information and registration is available at:

Busy Times in the Geocortex Products Department

One of the "exciting" things about developing products and services for a major software vendor like ESRI is the fact that our product release schedule is often heavily influenced by the release dates (and events) of ESRI.

The recent release of ArcGIS 9.3 (most importantly for us, ArcGIS Server 9.3 and ArcIMS 9.3) came with it the need to upgrade all products in the Geocortex suite to ensure compatibility.

In reply to today's Geocortex IMF release announcement email, Steve Tharp at Chesapeake Energy wrote, "Man you guys are cranking it out before the esri UC".

He's right... although I suppose its no surprise since ESRI has been doing some "cranking out" of their own.

Earlier this month (on the 10th of July) we released Geocortex Essentials 1.4 Beta (for ArcGIS Server 9.3) and we're releasing the final at the end of this week.
Last week (on the 23rd), we released Geocortex Uptime 1.2.2 which is compatible with ArcIMS 9.3.
On Monday we released the ArcGIS Server Connector for Geocortex IMF to ensure compatibility with ArcGIS Server 9.3.
Yesterday we released Geocortex Statistics 1.3 which is compatible with ArcIMS 9.3.
Today, we announced the release of Geocortex IMF 5.2.2 which is compatible with ArcIMS 9.3 (and contains some fixes to ensure compatibility with Mozilla Firefox 3).

Regional Training

Our training team has become overtaxed of late given the significant amount of things our clients want to learn! This is great from the perspective that our clients are looking to become self-enabled (we do every thing we can to make our users self-sufficient); bad when you consider the amount of travel and overhead this involves as we try to manage our growth.

Solution: bring workshop oriented Geocortex Essentials and IMF training to locations close to our users, using ready-made training facilities provided by ESRI.

We're announcing three dates and locations to start; a pair of workshops in the United States and one in Europe. Our goal is to see what kind of response we get and go from there. Things are looking positive so far; early feedback seems to suggest we need to add some more rooms and dates!

To learn more and to register, visit our new training page.

Geocortex IMF 5.2.1 Released

Thursday last week, we cut a maintenance release of Geocortex IMF. Version 5.2.1 contains a number of bug fixes and ensures compatibility with ArcIMS 9.2 SP4 and SP5.

If you're using Geocortex IMF with ArcMap Image Server based Map Services, you'll definitely want to get a hold of this release.

Geocortex IMF 5.2.1 is our second product release (following Geocortex Essentials 1.3) available on our new Geocortex Support Center (BETA). Send an email to with subject line "IMF Support Center Account Request" to request an account.

Geocortex IMF 5.2 Webinars

Geocortex IMF 5.2 is now shipping, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. While the demo site is there to explore, we figured we’d organize some guided tours so people can just kick back and get a thorough overview of the new features and capabilities. You’ll just phone in, click on a link, and enjoy the show (there’ll be Q&A time at the end).

We've created two distinct presentations; What’s New in Geocortex IMF 5.2 (Nov 14, Nov 20) and Introduction to Geocortex IMF 5.2 (Nov 16).

Click here to learn more/sign up.

If these webinars prove popular, we'll do more of them in the future.

Geocortex IMF 5.2 Released

We’re not sending out the press release until Monday, but Geocortex IMF 5.2 is now available. We haven’t done the launch on the main product page yet, but the main demonstration site on our Map Gallery is now running 5.2. I have attached the Geocortex IMF and Site Manager release notes to this post.

We’ve been working on 5.2 for a while now with Moxi. In addition to some new features (e.g. dynamic CSS support and updated UI, configurable WMS layer transparency, built-in drop-down tab support), it rolls up lots of great little client suggestions and tweaks.

Check it out and let us know what you think.