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Esri & Geocortex

Working together since 1999

Helping customers accomplish even more

Esri unifies organizations around geographic knowledge with an interconnected platform that serves all types of users, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This vision is backed by amazing new technology that turns data into useful information products and makes powerful connections possible. As an Esri Platinum Partner (representing less than 1% of partners worldwide), we recognize that the only way to benefit from the leaps forward offered by the modern ArcGIS platform is to leverage patterns that are only available under the modern approach.

To continue moving customers forward beyond the status quo and towards what’s possible, Geocortex technology increasingly assumes—and requires—the modern ArcGIS platform.
Technology Alignment
Geocortex leverages the modern ArcGIS platform

From licensing to technical requirements, Geocortex technologies are predicated on embracing modern Esri approaches, and we’ve been working hard to achieve this. Our efforts were recognized when we were awarded the Everyone Has an Identity Award at the 2017 Esri Partner Conference.


Change is a given with technology, and it comes at a real cost for organizations who chose not to leverage the many benefits and opportunities Esri’s modern web GIS pattern presents.

Where Geocortex Fits
Keeping customers aligned with Esri’s direction

Our mission has always been to help our customers make the most of their investment in Esri today, while keeping them optimally aligned with Esri’s technology roadmap. In 2017, we took this to a new level with the release of Geocortex Workflow. Customers can harness the power of Geocortex inside their Esri apps; workflows authored in Geocortex Workflow can run inside Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS®.

Adding value to the Esri ecosystem

Our work is impossible without Esri’s outstanding ArcGIS platform. Geocortex works exclusively with Esri technology. Though we could expand to serve other technologies, we don’t want to. We believe the world is best off with our chosen focus in adding value to the world’s #1 GIS technology.

ArcGIS Platform
Geocortex isn’t intended for every application requirement

Geocortex Essentials facilitates rapid application development, but Esri’s collection of applications and frameworks (such as Collector for ArcGIS®, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS®, and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS®) are critical elements of our recommended application strategy, which is to always go with the simplest solution that works. If Esri’s ready-to-go Collector for ArcGIS or an AppStudio for ArcGIS template can be configured to meet your requirements, use one of those options.