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Technology Partners

Building better technology together

Connections between – and integrations with – other technologies are critical to Geocortex. We are proud to partner with a group of industry-leading companies to deliver innovative and flexible GIS solutions.

Our Technology Partners

Information technology can be at times complex, and GIS in particular, does not exist in a bubble. Geocortex therefore partners and works closely with numerous leading companies to deliver valuable solutions. Connections between and integration with other technologies is integral to us. We are proud of our affiliations with these distinguished leaders in the marketplace.

Schneider Electric Logo Schneider Electric

In 2015, Geocortex and Schneider Electric jointly announced our partnership and the launch of ArcFM™ Web, which extends the capabilities of Schneider Electric’s GIS solutions and provides customer access across devices.

Azteca Systems Cityworks

Since 2014, Geocortex has been member of the Cityworks Strategic Development Partner (SDP) program. We’ve developed a Cityworks Extension for Geocortex Essentials.

Novotx Elements XS

Novotx has developed their Elements XS asset and work management solution with Geocortex Essentials and Esri technology.


Mapillary is the street-level imagery platform that uses computer vision to fix the world’s maps.


Nearmap delivers high-resolution aerial imagery as a service to businesses across the world by capturing wide-scale urban areas multiple times each year, making fresh content instantly available in the cloud via web app or API integration.