Active Operating Picture Extension for Geocortex Essentials

Respond to emergency situations with a reliable, direct link to the field


Communication, collaboration, and data & asset management tools help you respond to emergencies in a coordinated way. Make timely decisions with confidence, visualize and understand the situation as it develops, and prioritize asset deployment.


Stay informed as situations develop

Display the location of resources, integrate event feeds, and use rules to detect and alert you of important incidents in real-time. Social media integrations allow you to source additional intelligence from Twitter and Instagram.

See how you can improve your ability to respond to emergency situations.

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Desktop and tablet showing same map-and-marker functionality

A coordinated emergency response

Field responders and incident commanders stay on the same page, across devices. Map-and-marker tools, photos from the field, and dedicated communication channels ensure everyone stays in sync when it matters most.

Tablet with map showing popup with floorplan data at specific location
Data & Assets  

Don’t lose sight of the details

Leverage spatial and non-spatial data to understand the severity and extent of the situation around you. Improve your ability to respond by having quick and easy access to key data for your area(s) of interest.