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Geocortex Essentials

Build targeted, powerful mapping applications to deliver what your end-users need.
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Accomplish even more with your GIS
Tackle everyday challenges spatially

Information is power. Make informed decisions, streamline processes, and improve communication.

Create targeted, intuitive apps

Deliver what your users want with powerful, out-of-the-box capabilities – no coding required.

Prepare for the future

Technology is always changing. Geocortex helps you make leaps more easily, while saving time and money.

What is Geocortex Essentials?

Access powerful, configurable capabilities...

Chain together activities to increase efficiency and save time.

Learn more about Geocortex Workflow

Visualize important data with configurable templates.

Learn more about Geocortex Reporting

Make a statement with large-format, high-resolution outputs.

Learn more about Geocortex Printing accomplish even more with your applications

Link spatial and non-spatial databases, files, or web services: embed them into your reports, searches, and forms.

Instant search

Access the information you need quickly with a highly scalable and indexed search engine.


Share text messages, images, and other real-time content within your applications.


Manage access – at the application level – to specific features with fine-grained permissions.


Offer a flexible experience – for users of all abilities – and meet international compliance standards.

Viewer frameworks

Design targeted mapping apps for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices that can also work offline.

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Supercharge the apps you build
with Esri technology

You can also enjoy the most popular capabilities Geocortex Essentials
has to offer inside ArcGIS® Web AppBuilder.

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