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Geocortex Essentials Refresher


This one-day course will refresh your existing Geocortex Essentials skills through a review of commonly used features, and help you develop new skills by examining the latest that Geocortex has to offer.

Course Outline

Open: The Geocortex Essentials suite
The Geocortex Essentials suite

Describe the key features of the Geocortex Essentials suite by performing these tasks:

  • Describe the purpose of Geocortex Essentials Manager
  • Describe the components of Geocortex Essentials
  • Explore Geocortex Viewer for HTML5
Open: Create a site
Create a site

Create a site in Geocortex Essentials Manager, referencing an ArcGIS Online-based web map, by performing these tasks:

  • Explain the role of a Geocortex Essentials Manager site
  • Describe how to add an ArcGIS Online-based site to Geocortex Essentials Manager
  • Create a site referencing an ArcGIS Online web map
  • Describe how to add a viewer, built with Geocortex Viewer for HTML5, to a site
  • Add a viewer, built with Geocortex Viewer for HTML5, to a site
  • Describe how to add basemap services to a site
  • Configure an additional basemap
  • Identify where site resources must be stored
  • Create a site-level virtual directory and resource folders
Open: Basic layer configuration
Basic layer configuration

Configure layers in Geocortex Essentials Manager by performing these tasks:

  • Identify the components of a layer configuration
  • Describe how to configure the layer list
  • Configure the layer list
  • Explain how to configure global search
  • Configure global search
  • Describe how to create a feature hyperlink
  • Create a feature hyperlink
  • Explain how to add an ArcGIS Online feature layer in Geocortex Essentials Manager
  • Describe how to edit a feature layer
  • Add a feature layer to the site
Open: Labels

Configure labels by performing these tasks:

  • Describe how to enable labels
  • Configure Label option
Open: Time sliders
Time sliders

Configure a time slider by performing these tasks:

  • Describe how to configure time-based layers
  • Configure time-based layers
Open: Viewer configuration
Viewer configuration

Configure the viewer’s home panel by performing these tasks:

  • Describe how to configure the home panel
  • Configure the home panel

Product: Geocortex Essentials
Skill level: Starter
Duration: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Lunch breaks typically occur at 12 PM (Eastern)/11 AM (Central); this is subject to change, based upon class requirements

Cost: $565


Learners with existing skills and knowledge in Geocortex Essentials Manager and Geocortex Viewer for HTML5, but do not use the features frequently and/or wish to once again become familiar with the product.

Self-Directed Training
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  • Access to a Geocortex instructor during office hours

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Customer Reviews

"I have learned so much from this course and look forward to learning more."
Nihal Wijesekera
GIS Technologist, Cariboo Regional District (6 years working with Geocortex)
"Thank you, Perfect for managers to become familiar with the tool."
MK Larson
Senior Tech Developer, City of Tacoma (6 months working with Geocortex)