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Getting Started with Geocortex Essentials


This training course provides you with the knowledge you need to configure solutions with Geocortex Essentials Manger using Geocortex 5 Series products. You will learn about the Geocortex products and architecture you need to build Essentials sites. You will use Esri's ArcGIS Online map services to create meaningful maps and add editable features layers. You will learn how to configure the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 for a mobile environment with out of the box tools. You will learn how to configure your sites with virtual directories and resources folders to hold the data, third party databases and images needed to support complex spatial analysis. Finally, you will learn how to integrate Geocortex 5 Series products into your Geocortex Essentials sites.

Course Outline

Open: The Geocortex Essentials suite
The Geocortex Essentials suite

Describe the key features of the Geocortex Essentials product suite

  • Identify Geocortex Essentials products
  • Identify the data sources managed by Geocortex Essentials Manager
  • Explore Geocortex product features using GVH
  • Identify the components of the Geocortex Essentials Architecture
  • Identify the Geocortex Essentials documentation sources
Open: Configure a Site based on a Referenced ArcGIS Online Web Map
Configure a Site based on a Referenced ArcGIS Online Web Map

Configure a site based on a referenced ArcGIS Online web map

  • Describe the components of a site
  • Explain how REST endpoints are used in Geocortex sites
  • Create a site referencing an ArcGIS Online web map
  • Add GVH to a site
  • Configure basic site settings
  • Print maps using GXP print templates
Open: Manage site resources
Manage site resources

Manage site resources

  • Identify the features on the Sites Summary page
  • Explain how replacement tokens are used in site configuration
  • Create a site-level virtual directory and resource folder
Open: Layer configuration
Layer configuration

Configure Geocortex Essentials map layers

  • Identify the components of a layer configuration
  • Explain Maps Services and Layer List interaction
  • Configure the Layer List
  • Configure layer details
  • Configure Global Search for a layer
  • Create a feature hyperlink
  • Describe the benefits of layer themes
  • Create layer themes
  • Publish feature data in a GXR report
Open: Manage Editable Feature Layers
Manage Editable Feature Layers

Manage editable feature layers

  • Describe how to configure a hosted feature layer
  • Summarise the feature editing capabilities of GVH
  • Manage Features using Essentials
Open: Configure GVH UI
Configure GVH UI

Configure user interface of GVH

  • Explain how to configure GVH
  • Configure GVH toolbars
  • Configure GVH Menus
  • Configure the look and feel of GVH
  • Configure GVH to run a GXWF workflow
Open: Display Data in Charts in GVH
Display Data in Charts in GVH

Display Data in Charts in GVH

  • Describe how to create Geocortex charts
  • Describe how chart series data is configured
  • Create a single feature pie chart
  • Create a single feature linear chart
  • Create multiple feature charts

Product: Geocortex Essentials
Skill level: Starter
Duration: 3-5 days

Cost: $1060

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Those who are new to Geocortex Essentials and its viewer capabilities.

  • Fundamental knowledge of ArcGIS Enterprise administration
  • Fundamental knowledge of web-based systems and technology is an asset
  • Test your system to ensure that Adobe Connect and the virtual machine that you will be using during training can run successfully
  • We recommend using two monitors for an ideal learning experience
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