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Introduction to Geocortex Printing


The Introduction to Geocortex Printing course gives you the skills and knowledge to produce customized print templates so you can create map prints using the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 (GVH) and Esri's Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® (WAB).

Course Outline

Open: Geocortex Printing Features
Geocortex Printing Features

Review the advantages of using Geocortex Printing (GXP), and then learn about Geocortex Printing components and the GXP architecture.

  • Describe the features of GXP
  • Describe how to launch the Geocortex Print Designer
  • Describe the GXP architecture
  • Describe the Geocortex Printing VM development configuration
  • Configure the GXP development VM
Open: Configure Print Template Controls
Configure Print Template Controls

Learn the skills and knowledge you need to customise the sample print templates; add, select and configure layout component properties, and learn to manage property inheritance to quickly and consistently format the components of a layout. Practice creating and applying styles as an alternative to formatting individual control appearance properties and learn how to format label and panel controls to support print fields.

  • Describe the components of a sample print template
  • Describe how to configure print template controls
  • Practice configuring print template controls
  • Explain the role of inheritance in formatting controls
  • Use property inheritance to format controls
  • Describe how to create print fields
  • Practice creating print fields
  • Describe how to format a component using a style
  • Use styles to format layout components
Open: Configure a Sample Print Template
Configure a Sample Print Template

In the IGxP application lab, apply your new skills to configure the components of a sample print template to “make it your own”. Though this lab suggests a method and provides the supporting procedures and data, learners are encouraged to find their own way to complete it.

  • Summarise the tasks needed to configure a sample print template
  • Configure top panel controls
  • Configure main panel controls
  • Summarise how to format a chart for clarity
  • Configure bottom panel controls
  • Configure notes panel controls
  • Configure legend panel controls

Product: Geocortex Printing
Skill level: Starter
Duration: 1 day
Cost: $565
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Learners familiar with Geocortex Essentials and Geocortex Reporting who wish to acquire additional skills and knowledge to produce customised print templates to create map prints using the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 (GVH) and Esri’s Web Application Builder (WAB).


To get the most out of this course the following prerequisites are recommended:

  • Fundamental knowledge of Geocortex technologies
  • Fundamental knowledge of ArcGIS technologies
  • Fundamental knowledge of GIS concepts
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