Test your system

Step 1  

Test Adobe Connect

Geocortex training is offered through Adobe Connect to give you a full virtual classroom experience. On the system you will be using to attend the training, please ensure that:

  • Your IT policies allow Adobe Connect Flash web browser plug-ins on the device you will be using. An Adobe Connect Flash plug-in must be downloaded to stream audio and visual content.
  • Headphones or speakers can be connected to your computer for streamed audio: there is no phone number available for audio.
  • A microphone can be set up with your computer to speak with your instructor during the course.
  • A reliable wired network connection with a minimum download speed of 2Mbps is available to stream the course video without interruptions. Please test your connection speed from the device you plan to use here:

If the test fails, you may have to speak with your organization’s IT support staff to determine what is causing the issue.

Test Adobe Connect >

Step 2  

Connect to your Latitude Geographics training virtual machine

For Mac users

Test your connection to our training VMs using the Macintosh-based Microsoft Remote Desktop client.

Using this procedure:

  1. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop client application
  2. Click New
    1. Enter a suitable name in the Connection name field
    2. Enter the Test IP address provided in course Email
    3. Enter these credentials:
      User name: Student
      Password: Tr@ining1
    4. Close the window
  3. Your connection name is displayed in the My Desktops folder
    You may have to click in the white area of the pane to see your connection name
  4. Double click your connection
    1. As dialog boxes appear select the option that allows the RDP connection to proceed
    2. The VM opens
  5. To close the VM
    1. Press and hold the Command key and click the desktop
    2. Release the Command Key
    3. Click the Administrator in the top right of the Start area
    4. Click Sign out

If the test fails – or you are unable to install the necessary software – you may have to speak with your organization’s IT support staff to determine what is causing the issue.

Step 3  

Sign up for a Geocortex Support Center account

The Geocortex Support Center provides a wealth of resources, including articles, a code gallery, and a community for you to ask questions. We often refer to the resources provided in the Geocortex Support Center during training. If you don't have an account already, you can sign up for a Geocortex Support Center account by visiting